New WHS and SBS – details leaked – are they accurate?

So the news over the last few days has been about a thing called Vail… there’s been information out there talking about it being the next version of Windows Home Server.  People even have screenshots of the product so it must be true right?  I mean it’s on the Internet isn’t it? 

Then today here’s another poster talking about it.  He claims that Vail is also linked to the next version of SBS… Again – it’s on the Internet so it must be right isn’t it?

Heck – I even posted about SBS 2008 R2 some time back… even gave box product shots… so why would you believe everything in these articles is 100% accurate?  To date Microsoft have only said this.

Nope – the only people who know what is and is not true is Microsoft themselves… and they’ll release the information when they are ready too…

I will be interested to see what else is said over the coming weeks and in my visits to Redmond later this week.  I wonder when Microsoft will make public announcements on what their plans are…

You can however rely on one thing… when I am cleared by Microsoft to post more information and therefore not break my NDA with them, you will hear about it here.

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