ShadowProtect – Best Options for MBR and Track Zero

When you restore a ShadowProtect image to a new computer, there is often confusion about the right settings to chose for the boot partition.  Jack Alsop from StorageCraft here in Australia recommends the following options.

Restore MBR is needed – and Jack recommends you restore an Original Windows MBR unless the disk subsystems is 100% identical to avoid issues.

Restore Disk Signature is needed for a few reasons… the primary one being that if you want the ShadowProtect jobs to continue to run without needing to do a new base image then you want to ensure that you Restore Disk Signature. In addition to that some software uses the disk signature for copy protection and it might need to be reactivated.

Restore Disk Hidden Track is also recommended as again some software stores information on this track for copy protection. Without restoring this you might run into issues with activation of third party software.



Hope this helps. Smile

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One Response to “ShadowProtect – Best Options for MBR and Track Zero”

  1. Mark Eskdale Says:

    November 21st, 2012 at 1:15 am

    Thanks again Wayne,

    As always you seem to have the answers to the questions no one else seems to know about.

    I am doing a restore to two 1TB RAID 1 drives C:\ on an HP Proliant ML350 G6 the motherboard crashed and had to be replaced under HP warranty.

    it crashed till eventually the hardware failed and it showed up in HP insight and iLO. Motherboard replaced and and I am basically overwriting the C: drive (roll back to last good uncorrupted Shadow protect file) was not sure if you needed the Disc signature and original MBR as all was good and it is not a virtual or new hardware senario.

    Thanks again as always :)

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